Source code for miniworldmaker.positions.direction

import math
from typing import Union, Tuple

import miniworldmaker.positions.position as board_position
import miniworldmaker.positions.vector as board_vector
from miniworldmaker.exceptions.miniworldmaker_exception import MoveInDirectionTypeError
import miniworldmaker.tokens.token as token_mod

[docs] class Direction(float): def __init__(self, direction: float): self.value: float = direction
[docs] @classmethod def create(cls, direction: Union[int, str, Tuple, "board_vector.Vector", "Direction"]): """ Create Board-Direction from. int, str or two points. :param direction: int: Integer value direction, str: Str Direction ("e.g." "right"), or Tuple[Position, Position] with two points. :return: """ if type(direction) in [int, float, str, board_vector.Vector]: direction = cls._value_to_direction(direction) _dir_obj = cls(direction) elif type(direction) in [tuple]: # tuple with two points _dir_obj = cls.from_two_points(direction[0], direction[1]) elif type(direction) == Direction: return direction else: raise MoveInDirectionTypeError(direction) return _dir_obj
[docs] @classmethod def from_token_towards_direction(cls, token, direction): if type(direction) in [int, float, str]: direction = cls._value_from_token_to_direction(token, direction) return cls(direction) elif isinstance(direction, Direction): return direction
[docs] @classmethod def from_token_to_position(cls, t1: "token_mod.Token", pos=Union[tuple, "board_position.Position"]): t1center = board_position.Position.create( return Direction.from_two_points(t1center, pos)
[docs] @classmethod def from_tokens(cls, t1: "token_mod.Token", t2: "token_mod.Token"): return Direction.from_token_to_position(t1,
[docs] @classmethod def from_two_points(cls, pos1: Union[tuple, "board_position.BoardPosition"], pos2: Union[tuple, "board_position.BoardPosition"]) -> "Direction": x = pos2[0] - pos1[0] y = pos2[1] - pos1[1] if x != 0: m = y / x if x < 0: # destination is left direction = math.degrees(math.atan(m)) - 90 else: # destination is right direction = math.degrees(math.atan(m)) + 90 return cls(direction) else: m = 0 if pos2[1] > pos1[1]: direction = 180 else: direction = 0 return cls(direction)
@staticmethod def _value_to_direction(value) -> int: """ Transforms a string value ("top", "left", "right", "bottom) into a position Args: value: The String value ("top", "left", "right", or "bottom) Returns: The position as scratch-style degrees """ if value == "top" or value == "up": value = 0 elif value == "left": value = 270 elif value == "right": value = 90 elif value == "down": value = 180 elif isinstance(value, board_vector.Vector): value = value.to_direction() % 360 else: value = value % 360 return value @staticmethod def _value_from_token_to_direction(token: "token_mod.Token", value) -> int: if value == "forward": return token.direction elif value == "back": return 360 - token.direction else: return Direction._value_to_direction(value)