The central function for moving is the move function.

Move has the following signature:

    def move(distance) -> BoardPosition:

This means

  • By default, an actor moves self.speed steps in the direction he’s looking.

  • You can also set the distance it moves manually by using an integer value for the parameter distance.

  • The function returns the position on the playing field where the player is after the move.

Methoden und Attribute

Moves an token

class miniworldmaker.tokens.token.Token(position=None)[source]
move(distance: int = 0)[source]

Moves actor distance steps.

  • distance – Number of steps to move.

  • distance = 0, the actor speed will be used. (If) –


The actor


>>> class Robot(Token):
>>>    def act(self):
>>>         if self.sensing_on_board():
>>>             self.move()