4. Directions

4.1. Angles

An actor can move in different directions. First you need to know how angles are interpreted in Miniworldmaker. Angles are independent of the orientation of the character:


  • 0° means a movement upwards.

  • 90° means a movement to the right…

  • 180° oder - 180° means a movement downwards.

  • -90° means a movement to the right.

The interpretation of directions corresponds to the popular programming language Scratch, see https://en.scratch-wiki.info/wiki/Direction_(value)

There is one exception: The default direction in Miniworldmaker is 0°, i.e. tokens point upwards.

4.2. Angles as Strings

Some angle sizes can also be called strings:

  • right”: is equivalent to 0°.

  • “up” is equivalent to 90°.

  • “left” is equivalent to 180°.

  • Down is equivalent to 270 degrees.

A special specification is “forward”: In contrast to the other specifications, “forward” means in the direction of the figure’s gaze. In the picture above “forward” corresponds to 0°, because the actor looks to the right.